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Jewish Art Calendar 5778

Jewish Art Calendar 5778


Jewish Art Calendar 5778
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Dear Friend,

With the Jewish New Year not too far away, we are preparing our annual Jewish Art Calendar for the year of 5778 / 2017-18.

This user-friendly calendar helps keep you informed throughout the year. All holidays and significant dates are marked with a brief explanation. Holiday recipes are included as well. Times for candle lighting, end of Shabbos, fast days, and other Halachic times are listed. Information about our classes and events is provided too.

The calendar is also an extraordinary opportunity to advertise your business or services to the Jewish community. Unlike other ads, the calendar ads will be hanging in over 1,000 homes and offices throughout the community for the entire year.

Listings for birthdays, yahrtzeits, anniversaries - Just $25 per listing

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The deadline for ads and listings is Sunday, July 23.


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By taking an ad or listing, you will not only promote your business, but you will support Chabad of Washington Heights / Osher ELC and become a partner in all of our activities in spreading Torah and Judaism.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy summer ,
Rabbi Yakov and Elisheva Kirschenbaum

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