Fast Begins: 5:06 am

Minchah: 5:15 pm
Fast Ends/Maariv: 6:14 pm

It is preferable to continue fasting until after the megillah is read. However it is permitted to eat or drink something light after 6:14 pm to gain a little strength to properly concentrate on the megillah reading.
Megillah reading: 6:30 pm

Followed by our annual insane
  Purim Farbrengen!

Past Purim Farbrengem


Shacharis: 9:30 am

Megillah reading: Appx. 10:15 am

Megillah Reading at 135 Bennett Ave.: 4:00 pm

Purim Party at 135 Bennett Ave. ( RSVP  here): 4:30 pm

The Purim To-Do List

1) Hear the Megillah twice, once on Wednesday evening and once on Thursday by day.

2) Thursday by day: Give a gift of food containing at least 2 food items to at least one person.

3) Thursday by day: Give charity to at least 2 poor people. (If you ca
n't find any poor people on Purim, put money aside on Purim to be given on a later day). You can also fulfill this mitzvah by  clicking here.


4) Thursday by day: Eat a meal which includes bread 

5) Be merry the entire Purim! Drink Lechaim!

Click here  for the complete Purim Guide