Free Jewish Education
for Your Child

The Released Time Program

NOW SERVING PS 187! - 2015-16

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Every Wednesday during the last hour of school– Give your
children what you owe them – A Jewish Education.

At no cost to you, a qualified instructor will pick up your child from their school and safely escort them to their Released Time classroom. There, they will together explore the beauty and meaning of the Jewish Heritage.

Your Child will come home with:
-Stories about Jewish Heroes and the weekly Torah portion
-Prayers in Hebrew
-The background of the Jewish Holidays
-Arts and Crafts
-A overview of Jewish laws and customs
And most importantly – Jewish Pride!

Overview of the Released Time Program

The Released Time program reaches out to Jewish youngsters in public school and exposes them to the Jewish heritage and religion. A dedicated instructor, teaches them about Torah, the prayers, the holidays, history and customs of Judaism. Federal law protects the right of any recognized religious group to teach its principle's to public school students who elect to join. Children attend a Released Time class at a nearby synagogue.

Since its inception in 1941, the
NCFJE's Released Time Program has reached more than a quarter of a million Jewish boys and girls in New York City, Rockland County, Long Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New England, Ohio, Pennsylvania and California.

This year the program services more than 125 sites in the New York City area. Throughout the year more than 200 dedicated young teachers have gone to the sites each week to create a warm atmosphere of religion and acceptance for more than 900 students.

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