Our Chabad House is a short 6-minute walk from Yeshiva University!


We offer the following for the YU students:

  • Weekly Tanya class
  • One-on-one chavrusa learning with Rabbi Kirschenbaum
  • Shabbat dinner
  • Shabbat services with a hot kiddush every week
  • Farbrengens (gatherings) on Chassidic holidays

    "It was really great to have that extra support structure in place while I was in college, to be able to learn chassidus with Rabbi Kirschenbaum and have help organizing events for the Chabad Club of YU. After graduating YU, the creation of the Chabad House shul allowed me to stay in Washington Heights and still be connected with Chabad. It became my central spiritual and social home for many years." - Joel Shteir (Sy Syms Alum - 2008)

For more information, contact Rabbi Kirschenbaum at
212-203-3650 or [email protected]

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